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Date:2011-09-22 10:57:43

Today, well-known newspaper in Hubei Province "Chutianjinbao" in the twelfth edition [Special Report] in the group's business - Hubei Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. for the next century, a special report to further enhance the company in the industry, the public The brand awareness and reputation.
Quest amazing new generation of "Hanyang made"
Chutianjinbao information and to make known the traditional guns, "Hanyang made" compared to today's "Hanyang made" What are features? Yesterday morning, gold was quoted at QQ group of 30 mutual aid group to travel to the main unified Hanyang, Hanyang Bureau of Quality Supervision branch in Wuhan, accompanied by staff, visited several emerging "Hanyang made" companies, to see the back of new products technology attractive. "After this event I want to take part, too long seen all." After the visit, the King's loyal newspaper readers still enough, gold was quoted at QQ group hopes to be able to organize more similar activities.

                    Pictured: General Manager Mr. Cheng Zilin explain the "magic windows" principle

Magic doors and windows: the outdoor compartment at 40 ℃
Kim reported QQ mutual aid group is the first stop of industrial outings mouth industrial park located in Hanyang, the future of the gold group, visit the windows and doors Co., Ltd. Wuhan future.
We happily walk into a showroom displaying a variety of doors and windows, Cheng Zilin, general manager of enthusiasm for the main group who explained: "This is our bridge-type insulating glass aluminum, which is a hollow double, with Waterproof and dust noise canceling effect. "In a sliding door, sliding door, said Manager Cheng side shows. He opened the test equipment, which has been behind a glass began to "rain", windows and doors but no signs of any water seepage. Behind the other doors and windows, said to have loud sound, they only hear the side of the glass but the subtle hum. A group of friends walked up, leaned closer to listen, involuntarily issued a sigh: it really is the case.
Next, do we see a fancier windows and doors: sliding door, the arm can also leave a door thickness of ventilation, although the doors activities, but can play a security role firmly locked; a window sandwich, the even comes with blinds, gently wave, to shut the blinds, curtains are no, no need to clean blinds.
So that everyone was most impressed, or window insulation, outdoor even 40 ℃, 26 ℃ room can also be maintained so as double glazing is not filled with an inert gas thermal conductivity. North and the South of different temperatures, the gas filling inside is different, the insulation will produce different results.
In the introduction, the reporter was informed that the future of windows and doors in the East, South, West Africa's high-end windows and doors market, has accounted for more than 63% of the market, is the central region of the largest and most competitive manufacturer of aluminum doors and windows, in Hubei Africa, window-oriented enterprises. 
(Reporter Hui Dai, Ye Pure, Choi Lai, Rao Chao, Jun Xia, ice intern Wu Xiaomin Luo Chun correspondent Zhou Gang, YAO Jun)

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