Madagascar's ambassador to China --- participated in the inauguration ceremony of the base completion

Date:2011-04-27 12:07:03

On April 18th, 2007, the export processing base of FDC finished construction and put into use. As the largest aluminum-alloy windows and doors trade business in Madagascar, the company was very honored to invite Mr. Victor Sikonina Madagascar's ambassador to China to the ceremony of base completion. 
In his speech Mr. Victor Sikonina recalled the surprising achievements that China has got in the course of the reform and open up in recent years, actively evaluating the tendency of China-Madagascar relations with good development. Meanwhile, Mr. Victor fully affirmed that the company had made great contribution to enhancing the friendship between China and Madagascar, lastly he presented best wishes that the company could speed up in Madagascar.


Exporting process base is used for wholely supporting the operating development of the company in Africa. It indicates that the group will move into the railway of synchronous development between China and Africa.        

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