Mr.Yang Daixiong, general manager of Madagascar Company, won the honorary knighthood awarded by president

Date:2011-04-27 11:48:30

These days, one branch subordinate to the group, Mr. Yang Daixiong, general manager of Madagascar Future Development Company, won the government honor of knighthood medal and certificate signed and awarded by the president. It is the highest foreign distinction gained by FDC's employee.
On the ceremony, the president Laqiaolina announced that
Madagascar president and government formally awarded Mr. Yang Daixiong from FDC the honorary knighthood, and issuing the honorary certificate with his own signature. The president helped Mr. Yang wear the honorary decoration on the chest.

In March 1998, FDC was established in the capital of Antananarivo in registration. As general manager of the company, Mr. Yang leads the staff to expand and improve the marketing network. Market share has exceeded 60%. FDC has become the brightest enterprise star at the local. Meanwhile, Mr. Yang encouraged the staff to participate in the social public activity, making the contribution to the disaster area hurricane "JIafeiluo" through the relief committee, supporting rescuing cultural relics project of the capital and contributing, holding out the municipal projects construction of the capital and contributing etc. Mr. Yang was spoken highly by Madagascar's government and the president. The honorary knighthood fully proves that FDC have won the reputation and good brand in Madagascar. 

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