Mr. Cheng Zilin, CEO of the Group, was invited to Wuhan Entrepreneurs Forum

Date:2011-04-27 12:20:45


A few days ago, Mr. Cheng Zilin, CEO of the group, was invited to Wuhan Entrepreneurs Forum, presenting successful career of the Group in Africa, helping private entrepreneurs to seek successful growth path for moving into the health track of sustainable development. 

General manager Cheng, explained that the FDC have owned four wholly owned subsidiary branches including " Madagascar Future Development Company". Like other enterprises, the FDC first also faced the severe competition from Europe, India and dozens of companies. At that, the company leaders combined operational fact to decisively take measures such as staff localization, operation diversification, marketing network and service optimization etc. Additionally continuing the trend to "the high quality and affordable services "in Chinese products, the FDC finally stood out from our circle. The company has become the leading enterprise in the industry to have more than 60% market share.

In the following discussion, Participants spoke their own opinions to highly praise various decision-makings under the then competitive situations. Deputy Director of Economy Bureau, Policy Research Office of the CPC Central Committee, analyzed that the government encouraged the enterprises to reinforce innovation with science and technology, making use of products' quality to promote added value of the products. The FDC relies on the quality and service to promote the natural value of the products so as to gain a firm foothold in Africa for growing and developing briskly. This point is worth learning and parallel to other enterprises.


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