With a development history of more than ten years in Africa, Future Group persists in the priority development strategy of “Africa Diversification Strategy”, seizes development opportunity, constantly grows in strength, surrounds building trade, African tourism, commercial real estate, industrial park operation and other main direction of integrated operation. Future Group has accumulated rich market experience, established a strong marketing network, and trained large quantities of outstanding management personnel. We will make great efforts to make Future Group develop into a large industrial chain group company that radiates throughout the African continent, makes customers to be satisfied, and makes staff to be proud. For this reason, we particularly develop a medium-term objective and a long-term development objective.
The medium-term objective — to complete the layout of group’s diversification development
-Continue to become bigger and stronger in the main industry, make seven aluminum companies all become leading national market enterprises.
-Invest and build factories in seven open countries to meet the diversified development needs of all companies.
-Steadily promote East Africa tourism and Mozambique pilot commercial real estate development projects, and achieve initial success.
-Export procurement bases are set up in Guangdong, China to meet needs for sustainable development of Future Group in Africa.


Long-term development objective — to be the most sustainable Chinese enterprise in Africa
-Successfully develop building decoration projects, commercial real estate, building material trade, industrial park operation, Africa's high-end tourism and other pillar industries.
-Successfully operate at least three sub- group companies that cover African regional market.
-Actively participate in China-Africa cultural exchanges and to be a bridge for cooperation and friendship between Chinese and African people.

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