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Africa is abbreviation of Afrikyah Island.  The Greek "Africa" means the scorching sunlight. The equator crosses the central of Africa 3/4 of which is vertically shined by the sun.  The tropic with the yearly average temperature of above 20℃ takes up 95% of the whole Africa, more the half of which is hot all the year, so it is called as Afrikyah Island
Location:Africa is Located in the southwest of the eastern hemisphere, the mainland across the north-south of the equator. The northwest part extends into the Western Hemisphere, facing the Indian Ocean in the east, and Atlantic Ocean in the west, separated by the Mediterranean Sea and the Gibraltar Strait in the north, cornering to narrow the Red Sea and the Suez Canal in the northeast, and adjacent to Asia
Scope: The continent reaches Xaafuun from the east ( East longitude 51°24′, North latitude 10°27′),  to Cape Agulhas from the south (East longitude 20°02′, South latitude 34°51′),  to Cape Verde from the west (West longitude 17°33′, Nother latitude 14°45′), to Gilan angle from the north (Ben Sekka) ( East longitude 9°50′, North latitude 37°21′)
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