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Brand new workshop of Madagascar Company is formally put in use

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Madagascar Company spent half a year in building a large-scale integrated workshop with about 1000 square meter in order to meet the customers' requirements. Enhance production  and processing capacity to really realize the integration of production, finish machining, storage, and service.
It is reported that the workshop is one of the most advanced workshop making aluminum-alloy windows and doors. Aluminum-alloy cutting adopts full automatic equipment controlled by the computer. The digitized production not only makes assembly process precise and humanization, but also considerably reduces manufacturing time. While improving production efficiency, the products quality is also guaranteed radically.

" Use of new workshop means that the company has moved into high speed ages", Yang Daixiong, general manager of the company expressed, " Our company owns a high-qualified team and equipment-producing process showing the innovative spirit, which will, as always, hand down and explain the excellent quality of aluminum-alloy windows and doors manufacture to lead the front edge of the market." 


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