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Leaders' consideration bearing the future ( FGC)

Number of visits: Date:2011年1月13日 14:38


The successful operation of FGC has been highly commended by the leaders. The relevant leaders and experts often come to the company for inspection and guidance. 

Picture one: Mr. Li Xiansheng, member of the Standing Committee of Hubei Provincial Committee, executive vice governor, inspected overseas branch of FGC group

Picture two: Mr. Yue Yong, member of the Standing Committee of Wuhan  Municipal committee, Vice mayor, visited and inspected the FGC

Picture Three: Mr. Lu Guoxiang, director, Organization Department of CPC Wuhan  Municipal Committee,Mr. Zou, the deputy district chief, and managers visited and inspected the company

Picture Four: Heads from Wuhan famous real estate visited the company

Thanks to the leaders' consideration and support, the FGC is able to make leapfrog development consistently, becoming the leading enterprise of aluminum-alloy windows and doors industry in China. 

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