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Future Group actively donate funds to support hometown economic construction

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An enterprise cannot succeed without social support; thus to redound upon the society and people is the due obligation of every conscientious enterprise. As a well-known enterprise in aluminum alloy doors & windows industry, Future Group attaches great importance to vigorous development of Hubei Province, first contributed RMB 1.3 million Yuan for building two rural roads in Honghu, which has thoroughly changed the plight of "difficult outgoing" for villagers, rapidly improved local income enhancing progress, and realized synchronous rapid development of peripheral economy.


In recent years, Future Group has been actively devoted to charities—establishing "education fund". It sponsored poor students of Wuhan Jiangang High School successfully completing study, donated to Wuhan Huangjinkou Primary School for helping it renovate school teaching facilities and improve teaching quality, relieved the people in Wenchuan earthquake stricken areas with donated funds, participated in the public welfare activity of "adopting giant pandas in disaster areas", supported Madagascar capital antique salvage project, helped the drought victims in North Mozambique, aided the hurricane stricken areas in Madagascar, and supported Madagascar capital municipal engineering construction, having won wide praise from all social circles.

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