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To be a bridge for cooperation and friendship between Chinese and African people

As a well-known Chinese enterprise in Africa, FGC always values the exchange and cooperation between Chinese and African people. FGC has initiated a variety of activities aiming to promote mutual understanding, communication and cooperation ceaselessly, having set up a bridge of friendship between China and Africa.

◆Exchange with official representatives of African countries
In 2006, FGC invited Mr. Victor Sikonina Madagascar’s ambassador to China to the ceremony of base completion.
FGC warmly welcomed officials from Madagascar embassy and Mozambique embassy, and provided support and assistance for their investigation in Hubei Province.
In 2010, FGC invited Officials of the Ministry of Agriculture, Madagascar to investigate headquarter of FGC.

◆Exchange with enterprise representatives of African countries
FGC accommodated five business delegations from Madagascar, Mozambique and Kenya to visit China.
FGC invited and accommodated Interior Ministry officials of Madagascar to visit China, which further deepened the friendship among people of two countries.
FGC accommodated six batches of over thirty African employees from Madagascar Future Development Co., Ltd., Mozambique Future Development Co., Ltd. and Kenya Future Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. to study, visit, investigate and travel in China.

◆Exchange with public representatives of African countries
Every year, FGC invites several African students in Wuhan to participate in the annual Christmas party, which becomes the fixed activities of African student exchange.



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